If your client won’t keep up, go your own way

The dangling carrot of Office 365 and Exchange Online never gets closer in the office

So if you want to have a mess around sometimes the only way to learn is to take matters into your own hands. Queue a couple of hours of random swear words and I finally have an Exchange Online plan to call my own:

Exchange Online Plan

This was the easy bit – the hard bit was getting my web hosts to accept all the CNAME records!

The actual sign-up for Exchange Online was fairly simplistic – you create an omnimicrosoft account at the Office 365 Admin Console page and then add your domain and pay for your package. The hard bit for myself was a restriction on the amount of CNAME records my web hosts (1 and 1) usually allow. It meant I had to create six sub-domains and add the required CNAME records to the sub-domains instead. The work required is covered in this blog post and made it clearer.

Now the DNS records are fully up to date I can finally start playing around with the features and ensuring all is in order. For around £3 per month this service is hardly breaking the bank and it is a good entry way into managing Microsoft Exchange and Office 365 accounts in the cloud.