Hands on with Forza 7

Does a shiny lick of paint cover up the monotonous cracks?

One thing I used to love before our twins’ arrival was spending time (sometimes endless days) plugged into my Xbox. These days, it gets an outing very rarely but there is space to do so once the twins have gone to bed for an hour or so. One racing series I’ve played every version of has been Turn 10’s juggernaut – Forza Motorsport.¬† In fact, you only have to check out Lincoln Racing League’s website¬†to realise just how much we used to play it back in the day. With the amount of babies and other things taking up so much time now for the people involvement in the aforementioned site then the likelihood is that they have to get used to an hour plonking round Maple Valley once in a while to get their racing fix.

Forza 7 was a chance to delve back into the series so I waited around 45 years for the Xbox to finally update itself. Next up, the game disc installed the 40 odd gigs of data to the hard drive. After that, there was a further 32GB to download from Xbox Live. Once I’d lost the will to live, I could finally put some time in. The fruits of some of that labour can be seen below:

The above video is not in HD so it doesn’t do the game justice – it does look really good – especially on wet tracks and with the sunset in the background for example. The thing I’m stuck with, and this is the same for most racing games is that the reward system is formulaic in the extreme. The main plus of Forza is the amount of cars you can own – some you win in races but often you need to shell out the game credits. To earn credits, you need to win races and championships and this involves plodding around tracks for what seems an eternity to earn a small amount. I need to delve a bit deeper going forward – especially the multiplayer which I tried once and got absolutely battered off the track (which is the usual unfortunately). Give it a few more hours and I’m sure I’ll be hooked!